Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finishing Old Projects

I've just moved to Wagga Wagga.  Through the move I have discovered that I have so many bits and pieces that come from old projects that never eventuated.  I spent some time today filling a 64 page exercise book with some stickers that I bought at some weird stall at Broadway about a year ago.

I had two sticker books; one was a Barbie Princess sticker book and the other was a Wrestle Mania sticker book.  They were two dollars each and I couldn't resist the temptation.  The end product is 32 works which utilize almost every one of the stickers that were there to create a weird kind of world where the fantasy figures of boys and girls are collaged together in a way that might be considered a more adult relationship.  There is almost nothing sexual in the imagery that is created, however what has come out of it are images which infer gender politics and sexuality in way that is mostly comical.  It has a curious kind of perversion to it which reminds me of another project I did this year titled When I was 5 I had 12 Imaginary Friends.  

I'll be making a PDF for download at a later stage.  I am currently working out how I could exhibit it.

I have also just joined the Wagga Wagga art society and attended my first monthly members meeting two days ago.  There will be some great exhibitions coming up and I expect a whole lot of cool stuff that will end up on here in time to come.

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