Friday, December 3, 2010

Dating in the Dark - Episode 1

I never mentioned here that I was working as a sketch artist on the Australian version of the reality TV show Dating in the Dark, because I wan't sure if that would annoy Shine Australia - my employer at the time. For those of you who aren't familiar with the show it's a dating show where the contestants meet in a completely dark room without the opportunity to see their faces until the very end of the episode. Three guys and three girls go to different houses in Whale Beach to meet up in the dark room. There are various stages within each episode which influence the contestants perceptions of whether they could find love in one of the other contestants. One of these influences is the sketch - enter me.

They haven't seen each other but some of them have touched each others faces, noticed things about them and they describe what they think their person looks like kind of like a police sketch art session with a witness.

Production of Dating in the Dark is complete. Episode 1 had the sketch artist section cut from the episode because of time constraints but you can watch it as a web extra on the fox8 website here. Below are some screengrabs of my part of the show.

I worked on five episodes in totaland this is the first episode. I believe they have mixed up the order of the show so I'm not sure which episodes I'll be in or not, but from the looks of the episode two preview I sould be in that one or on the web extras on the fox8 site. Stay tuned.

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