Monday, November 15, 2010

Relocating to Wagga Wagga

On an official note, my bio will no longer read "Tony Curran is a Sydney based Artist" as that will be untrue from this December onwards.  I am moving to Wagga Wagga.

This decision has mostly come from a job offer my girlfriend received from the ABC and partly from my own itchy feet looking for an adventure.  I recently went house hunting in Wagga Wagga and learned that you can get an astoundingly huge house for a fraction of Sydney rental prices.

Wagga is halfway between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia's two great capitals and it's a great city in its own right I really can't wait to spend a lot of time there.  I have been thinking about the ARI scene there and noticed that it's currently quiet on the ARI front and it'd be great to get some people together make some artist-run noise.  If you're from Wagga I'd love to get your opinion on this.

I'm currently in conversation with the School of Fine Art at Charles Sturt University about doing some supervised research, it will most likely involve portraiture and the Archibald Prize.  I'm not sure about the details of this research but I'll elaborate later in detail I'm sure.

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