Thursday, July 1, 2010

JUST A LITTLE UPDATE minus the prose

I spent my evening swimming in ears I couldn't colour because I had no idea who they belonged to. After giving my studio a bit of aural hygiene, matching inked ears to ear sketches. My living room is a mess but now I know which ones I can colour and have an idea on what colour they should be. Crisis avoided.

I am still catching up on the tons of ears that came into the studio post Central Mag article and experimenting with how they're going to be displayed. The Fraser Studio open day is coming up on July 17 around the same time as Underbelly and then a fortnight later on August 1 the exhibition of work by Fraser Studio residnets will open.

I'm also still working on the first issue of The Quarterly Collection which will be on sale in September somehwere...... can't say where just yet.

I'm also working on business card. This is a kind of sensitive thing to do for an artist because it's a branding thing and for some reason it doesn't feel right. Maybe I'll grow into it. Tell me what your thoughts are.

UP NEXT on Tony announces the theme and subscription packes for the first issue, and how to get it.

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