Monday, June 28, 2010


The Power House Museum is a fun place that is locked in the childhood memories of most people that grew up in Sydney. The building design is dark, windy and incredibly passe. My memories of the Power House Museum are of crazy technology and sciency stuff everwhere and a place where you could visit.................... the future.

Last Saturday I visited the future at the Power House Museum. Assisting Sonya Gee in her posthumous Matchbox retrospective workshop for the Power House's Tinytorium program, I spent the morning arranging piles of colourful materials - all safe for das kinder.

It's interesting to work with kids. The first thing I noticed is that they just get in and do stuff without being self conscious or asking for instructions.

They were given a table of materials and told that they could make one matchbox to keep and another which will be hidden around the Power House Musem as a surprise throughout the Tinytorium exhibition.

The highlights from the kids were a matchbox camera, millions of cupcakes, and a kid called Gabe pictured above who relentlessly delegated his idea to me in the hope that I would make the whole thing. Born to lead.

The day ended in a glittery mess and not a single tear from any of these 5+ citizens to be. In each child there was more creativity than an average adult and a lot support among them than I usually see in adult life. Maybe the two are linked?

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