Friday, June 25, 2010


Congrats to Renae Coles from Western Australia who is the first person to receive an issue of The Quarterly Collection. Renae is not only the first person to receive an issue of the Quarterly Collection, she is also the only person who requested a free trial - a deal which I offered to subscribers of my E-News letter. Every couple of months I put together an E-Newsletter where I talk about upcoming exhibitions, news and opportunities to buy my work. Renae is getting a free copy of
Other, 2010 - an original work to Renae for keeps. It pays to subscribe to my newsletter.

I am constantly researching new projects, and as a result I develop a lot of great drawings and paintings which lay at the fringe of my practice. These images are more than studio sketches, they are in and of themselves complete pieces that sit best as works in their own right and won't necessarily suit the other individual works that are developed along with it. They are experimental, highly conceptual, and individual.

You can subscribe to my E-Newsletter at or you can email me at For more information about The Quarterly Collection head to my website or keep watching this space as I release more information about how to subscribe early next week.

Feel free to comment any questions that you have at this point and I'll try to answer promptly.

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looks great! love the logo sdg