Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Interactive Portrait: of Myself

So I made this under the influence of some fad back in '07ish and just last week I was listening to a podcast on Radio Lab about machines and humans, which reminded me of two things:  Everything, and my cybertwin that I made ages ago.

So they interview the cybertwin guy and a few people who have had some interesting interactions with robots and chatbots, and I couldn't resist the temptation to see what my cybertwin could come up with.  It has a very sassy and sometimes sarcastic tone about it (which I'm trying to train it out of), and the way it speaks reflects alot about myself in 2007, but I've started giving it a bit of an overhaul and teaching it about my practice, (incase anyone asks about it).  A few people have tried talking to it and have found it difficult.  Part of that might be because they want to confuse it because it's a robot and the experience is weird, and partly because the robot can get confusing over the conversation and seems to forget things that have occurred in the conversation so far.

Some pro-tips for those who want to engage my cybertwin are don't say one word things because although trying to confuse can be fun and a bit of a power trip, after you do it twice it becomes super boring.  But the good news is it doesn't hold a grudge and will jump on the next idea you throw at it.

If you say anything to it it's helpful to me because (and this is a disclaimer) I read the transcript of the conversations people have with it to work about better responses it could have to things and teach it more about manners etc.

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Nice and thanks!