Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Studio at Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga

I've settled in nicely in my new studio at CSU Wagga among the rest of the other Fine Art students.  At the moment I've just been setting up Everything.  Because of the space that I have, I'm able to put the drawings up on the wall so that I can visualize each part of the whole.  I couldn't do this previously because it's a hassle to stick things on the walls at home (rental property).  It's amazing to have a studio again that I can mess up even if guests come over.

A few people are asking me about what is going to become of the project and at this stage I'm not sure.  It has a few, some potential stakeholders including the Wagga Art Gallery as well as CSU which will both shape the outcome of this project to some degree, but I'm expecting it to turn into an immersive installation work for a gallery.  If you still haven't checked it out, do it.  In a few days I'll put up a colourful update.

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