Friday, February 18, 2011

Feeling the Regional(ness)

It was a long trial but I finally made it.  After discovering that the courier would beon strike and that my work would not get delivered to the exhibition of finalists for the 2011 Rural Art Competition I couldn't believe my luck when I heard that my car would be fixed and that I could drive down to Seymour to deliver it.  Seymour is about 1.5 hours out of Melbourne and a four hour drive from Wagga Wagga through some beautiful places both landscapes and towns.  The Exhibition of Finaliusts of the 2011 Rural Art Competition opens tonight, probably from 6-8pm, where the winners will be announce for each category.  If you're in the area (I'm not) it will be at Kings Park on Tallarook St in Seymour Victoria.  Check it out and yell boo if they don't call my name as the winner.

On the drive home I stopped at a few places which I'd heard of but never had the chance to see for myself.  I stopped off at Wangeratta, Beechworth and Albury.  At Wangeratta Art Gallery I saw a very cool exhibition of installation/sculpture, photography and moving image works which were exhibited with antiqued photographic devices such as viewing prisms and old stereo viewing boxes.  It's a stunning show titled Optical Collusion and I recommend popping in if you're nearby.

While at the Albury Art Gallery I picked up this book which Sonya Gee (travelling companion) found for only $5!  A great find it's a 200ish page resource about all the public funded galleries in New South Wales.  Bargain.

After arriving at home, Sonya and I headed off to the Welcome to Wagga night which is put on by the Wagga City Council where seasoned Wagga residents meet us: fresh meat as a weird kind of mingling session.  As always the Daily Advertiser was there and took a few pictures of myself and Sonya for the following day's issue.

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