Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Thanks to everyone who has modeled their ear so far. This project now has a HQ at Fraser Studio in Chippendale, which is just next to the Clare Hotel and really close to Central Station. I have a spare chair here specifically for people to come and model their ears and if you haven't already please do.

This studio residency will be finished in the first week of August and the exhibition of this project will follow really soon after so make sure you get over here before you forget.

I'll be here most days working on this project but will sometimes have to run out and about getting supplies - food, ink and fresh underwear so if your are going to swing around I would encourage you to left me know via SMS or on facebook or twitter or whatever so that I can make sure that I'm there.

If I am there and you want me to come and let you in just yell from outside the front door because I'm at the street window two floors up and I'll be able to hear anyone trying to get my attention. I don't think you'd be able to get into the studio if I'm not there.

On the last Sunday of every month from 1 - 4pm Fraser Studio hosts an open day where all the artists will be here either at work or with their work on display. At these times I will definately be here and more than happy to draw ears then.

REMEMBER - if you model your ear you will get a free print of it.

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