Saturday, May 1, 2010


150 artists have been recruited in what appears will be a phenomenal exhibition featuring some great talent from me, Rebecca Murphy, Little Gonzalez, Georgie Pollard, Dominic Proust, and much much more. There will be a vinyl market also. I'm expecting the attendence would be about 6 x the number of artists + 50.

Comb Filtered, 2010.

Comb Filtered is a product of ongoing research into the individual differences of sense organs. Having worked on comparative anatomy of ears in Sydney for the last few months I have noticed a broad range of ear shapes, sizes and contours. Comb Filtered is named after a process of equalisation that recording producers use to shape the overall colour of a musical recording – highlighting certain frequency ranges and dulling others. Similarly that is the role of the outer ear. The differences in ear shape result in different types of comb filtering. Our bodies, from the outside, are shaping how we observe the world around us from sense to sense.

Medium Vinyl is an upcoming exhibition at Hardware Gallery opening on May 21 from 6-8pm

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