Monday, March 8, 2010


Mean, 2010. Ink on A3 paper.

I am developing a new self portrait for my entry into this years National Youth Self Portraiture Prize. This is the final year that I am eligible to enter so I had better bloody win the damn thing. I'm working in a medium that lies somewhere between drawing, painting and print making. I am using a stamp of my own name and printing it repeatedly and in a fashion to develop a likeness of my own face. The length of my name and the clunkiness of the instrument is causing an interesting distortion which is similar to an old pixelated MS DOS system or those text built images sent around in emails. Because of the lexical information of the image used in the image it is similar to being made up from printed code. I may or may not use a smaller stamp in future, for now I think I might develop a little side practice with this. It shows that the instrument that you work with has it's own signature capabilities for making an image.

Curious, 2010. Ink on A3 paper

I'm very fascinated in the distinction of these media. I am printing repeatedly in black with the text "TONY CURRAN". The repetition of this media creates lines, the repititions of the lines creates tone, the arrangement creates shape etc. If I started using paint and colour it would approach the colour side of the practice also.


Untitled, 2010. Acrylic on canvas.

I poured this one about a week or two ago and then waited for it to dry in my apartment. This work has come out from the fact that I'm constantly drawing ears. I'm not really sure what's going on with this one.

So far these are the ears that have been drawn. I'm still looking for more ears so contact me if you'd like to get involved otherwise keep checking my website to see the new ears as they appear in the slideshow

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