Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Working it All Out

It's such a cliche for apologizing for not writing or uploading new content as frequently as I used to, so I won't.

I'm putting together my application for the Artstart grant which closes soon and the application has been a massive wake up call for how to make my art self sustaining. Meeting with to talk about my practice has given me mixed results. On one hand I should be making business sense with my art so that I can develop my practice stronger, and in the other sense I want to have the artistic freedom that comes along with the care free lifestyle of Vincent Chase from Entourage.

So what I have decided that I'm hoping can meet both is that I encourage people to subscribe to what is called the Quarterly Collection which will be a collection by subscription of my work over 12 months. The benefit will be that I can continue to work through the research interests that I have been for some time and to offer people an affordable way of subscribing to my art, knowing that their getting a fresh piece from the studio. I will offer a range of different packages to suit the new collector and the works will be mailed to you.

I've crunched the numbers and realized that this is the least expensive solution for collectors. It means that they are pre-paid hence there is a guarantee that they will be sold.

So now begins the question of what packages would people subscribe to? Would you subscribe to small works for $400 a year? Or limited edition prints for $100 a year? or would you go for the large works for $1000 or the premium subscription of $2000. Would you want works about a certain theme or would you want to get whatever I'm working on at the time?

Feel free to comment.

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