Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AuralDynamics Part II

When it started, the most interesting thing about this project was that ears are so variant. Each ear has a different shape, form and character, and these differences must clearly carry with them very strong implications for the acoustic experience of each individual. Our acoustic experience determines our moods, emotions and attention is such subtle and sometimes unconscious way. The second thing I have been noticing is that lighting affects the look of each ear immensely and that when the lighting changes the tonal rendering that I have drawn can look overdramatised or disproportionate in my illustration of the curves and undulations of each person's ear. I have been noticing unique distinct shapes of ears that have no bearing on any racial or familial type. The most consistent character of ears is the amount of piercings they have determines the amount of sharp angles in the formation of the ear.

I have drawn 30 ears. I have 255 to go. To see how the project is moving along go to

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