Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Wow I know it's terrible blog etiquette to disappear and then resurface with a shallow apology so I'm going to leave it out of this post.

I have been BUSY

Ok so here is a wrap up of what I'm about! I have a ton of new iPhone (finger) paintings and a few collages to give you but first I'm going to plug my very new gallery WATCH THIS SPACE!

WATCH THIS SPACE ends up everywhere. We don't expect the audience to come to us so we take the gallery to the audience. Above is an example of Luke Tipene (a WATCH THIS SPACE Director) taking our show to the sunny coasts of Antarctica.

WATCH THIS SPACE is looking for artists. We have ongoing opportunities for exhibition and it costs nothing to put n a show with us so please, if you are any good at what you do - contact us.

portable art making

Bowl of Nutrients, 2009. Collage on iPhone

Clippers Cafe is in Glebe and has great food with rare fruit. Check it out!

Shocked! 2009. Digital finger painting.
If you have your 3D glasses then put them on. If not then send an email to with your name and address to receive your free pair in the mail!!

Study of a Ricky Maynard Portrait, 2009. Digital finger painting

Ricky Maynard has an amazing exhibition of photographs at the MCA. This image is a facial study of one of the Aboriginal elders in his portrait series. I suggest everyone get there to check it out if they can because it's more inspiring than any australian history book or teacher.

Waiting at the station, 2009. Digital finger painting

Trains (Study), 2009. Digital finger painting

Train, 2009 Digital finger painting

En route to work, 2009. Digital finger painting

Trains are very appealing subjects to me as their infrastructure challenges traditional perspective in drawing. Everything is curved and there are no vanishing points.

Pretty As A Picture, 2009. Digital finger painting

Sonya at Starbucks, 2009. Digital finger painting

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