Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Anamorphosis: The second

I'm working on getting some anamorphic drawings of the bust Arthur gave me. I initially drew a few of different angles of the bust but decided I needed anamorphic drawings of the view of the head facing the observer.

The biggest difficulty in this kind of drawing is seeing into the picture independently from normal depth perception. It's easier to see what's going on in the picture if you take a photo of it or cover one eye.

This is the view from the canvas at an angle of about 45 degrees from the picture. Pete held up another image of the same thing at 90 degrees so we could get the sizing right and see how the anamorphic drawing compared.

The canvas seen from 90 degrees looks weird and lopsided. You can see the distortion from the angle of which it was drawn. It slopes to the right and down in response to the fact that I was observing it being drawn from above and right.

Starting another one. You can already see here the tendency to fall back into weird perceptual habits of treating the surface of the picture as the plane on which the picture goes, however it's the depth and recession of the canvas into which the picture exists, in the space of the canvas but not on the flat canvas.

Bri held up the second picture for me.

I'm making these anamorphic drawings to be the antithesis of Everything. Everything is a mapping of the figure where the user can manoeuvre around the figure interrogating it. These anamorphoses will do the opposite, they will be projected, while people move around the image. The work will following the viewer, obscuring it's body from the viewer and meeting the gaze of the observer.

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