Thursday, March 24, 2011

Studio Update

I began the laborious task of collating all the images that I've produced for Everything.  It took a lot longer than it looks but I'm using this image to show me how detailed my work is at present.  I've moved in to a new studio area which is double the size of the space I was in but the wall area isn't as nice for pinning.  This gives me a virtual studio wall where I can see which areas need attention the most.   I want to get a lot more information than this image depicts, and to start including the torso.

The design for the installation has begun.  Today I made my white cube which I will use to start experimenting with the space.  It's at the scale of 1:200 of the size of the room it will be exhibited in before the end of the year.

I made contact with the subject of the work.  I'm not sure I want to reveal his name yet, or ever for that matter, but I'll be meeting up at his studio next week to discuss my project, hopefully to begin his involvement.

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