Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whites and cubes

I'm getting more and more interested in the idea of presenting my portrait as a "white cube" portrait, which is actually what I set out to do the whole time, but I hadn't really considered the role the white cube was going to play in the presentation and reception of the portrait. By the white cube, I'm referring to the aesthetic convention of the gallery space being "white" and with space enough around the works that they can have a "neutral" context. It is perhaps the neutrality that is important and not the literal white. Some white cubes are black for certain shows, and some have a colour which aesthetically or conceptually ties the works together. In saying that the same could be said for the actual cubeness of the work as well. I doubt of all the white cubes I've been in hardly any of them qualify as real cubes.

I'm pushing and pulling in two different directions for this work. There's the direction that I could have a minimal display of Everything as a digital projection of some sort, an other way is to not have the digital part at all but to literally have all of the drawings that make up the space that has been explored by the work. Ie every drawing that I've done for it arranged like a spatio-sequential mapping - a room with thoughsands of drawings of different scales depicting different angles of the same figure. The interesting thing about this would be that it would be similar to the old Salon type exhibitions where paintings were hung on every inch of wall, even the ceiling. I like the maniacal obsessiveness it would suggest too. I suppose another manifestation would be a synthesis of the two types; white-cube and pre-white-cube.

As you can see there's plenty of work to go.

These are photos from the Daily Advertiser covering the exhibition at the Art Scoeity. I'm standing there with Sonya Gee and Sue Dyde (President of the Art Society). It's a good opportunity to brag that it's my third time in the Daily Advertiser, this time no longer a budding artist; I am an Art Enthusiast. This exhibition was a great example of a non-white-cube exhibition.

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