Sunday, March 6, 2011

Everything is going to be OK

After one oficial week of being in the studio I have made some intereting additions to Everything, including some more coloured bits which add dimensional complexity to the work.  I'll soon be at the stage when I need to upgrade my studio as I've been told will happen this Wednesday because I am quickly running out of wall space for the this project.  While I have plenty to fill in as you can see above, I have already started to stick extra bits of paper and board so that I can build up the height of the work.  I only neeed a space big enough so that I can organise each drawing, it's not an issue of display so much.

I've been reading a book which Sonya Gee bought me called Internet Art: The Online Clash of Culture and Commerce, by Julian Stallabrasswhich talks about the history of the internet, the internet as a medium for artmaking and all the political stuff with file sharing etc.  I finished it in a few days, partly because it's so interesting and partly because I'm having to go through books at an enourmous rate to cover the research I'm working on.  It's raised a few interesting ideas for the project which include what the finished work will become, how the work can evolve and what the work is right now while it is hosted on the internet.  It's also made me think of some interesting parallels between the internet as a space of universal consciousness which plays neatly into the conceptual elements that are forming around the portrait and subjective realities.  

I realised that I'm also making a portrait and I haven't chosen my subject yet.  That's going to have to be decided soon because it's going to greatly inform the rest of the development of the work.  I had an idea to complete the work as a self portrait...............  I might be a good guinea pig.

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