Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Struck Out of the Rural Art Prize

I had my painting game set and match to be sent to the venue for the 2011 Rural Art Competition to be exhibited among the rest of the finalists when I got a phone call from the courier to inform me that the Melbourne partners were striking and there was no way it could arrive within the time frame required.  He had a few other ideas but to execute any of them was well out of my budget.  I considered hiring a car to drop it off but overall cost to go the required distance was on par with all the other out of budget ideas.  So unless the mechanic can fix my car before midday tomorrow I won't be exhibiting as a finalist nor in the running for the grand prize.  A sad day.

In happier news, I have been in conversation with the curators of the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery about using their artist in residency space while developing my online portraiture work, Everything.  We have made a tentative date to work together between Anzac Day and the Queen's Birthday (approximately 6 weeks).  This is looking to be an open studio for the people of Wagga and there'll be more information to come with this, but so far thumbs up!

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