Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Work - The Morality of Shadow

The Morality of Shadow, 2011.  Tony Curran.  Ink monoprint on perspex 30cm x 49cm 

I very rarely use printing processes in my work except when it's a digital or photographic print.  The process of preparing an image to be transfered to a surface is alien from the way that I usually like to work.  I decided to use the a printing process that could include the fluid bleeding aesthetic that I get from inks.

I noticed through this process that while making a monoprint the work ends up with layers of duplicated or mirrored parts of the work.  This was like an analogy of the two sides, the self and the shadow, as proposed by Carl Jung:  two copies which inform each other.  This piece has neither a front or back and can be viewed from each side.  

I entered this work into the Rick Amor 2011 Print Prize today.

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