Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Print Prize, Upcoming Exhibition in Sydney and an Art on the Levee Announcement

Lonely (Maquette) , 2011. Layered ink monoprint 75 x 110mm x four layers.

The Rick Amor Art Prize comprises of a prize for prints one year and then a self portrait prize the next. This year the Rick Amor is for prints. Since I am currently looking for work in Wagga Wagga I thought it might be worth a shot to see if I can keep my self busy with paintings and there's plenty of prizes to keep me motivated. The criteria is a little traditional. Their definition of prints excludes photographic and digital prints and refers to woodblock, lino, etchings, etc, so I'm trying to figure out how it relates to my practice, if at all.

The closest I found is a monograph technique, using ink and acetate. It's rather similar to drawing and painting however it is formed by pressing one blank sheet of my acetate onto another sheet with dribbled ink on it. Kind of like a rorschach inkblot. It's still in the experimental stage.

While the process makes figuration difficult, I'm still able to loosely get the impression of figures in there. Also because of the nature of how the image transfers onto each layer, the amount of ink transfered to subsequent layers is reduced, which helps to build the layered 3D form that I quite like in my paintings.

You might recall an exhibition at China Heights Gallery called This Little Piggy, curated by Rebecca Murphy. Her next curated show is about something else ceramic, functional and mass produced. These are funny shows for me because it always makes me feel like I'm extending into a realm which doesn't particularly suit me, which is why I suppose I should do it. I've known about my involvement in this exhibition for some time and still to this day am undecided about what I am going to produce for it, how much I'll work with the teapot itself whether it will be something I'm proud of.


This Little Teapot has a home now and an estimated time of arrival. On Wednesday March 23 This Little Teapot will open at Paper Plane Gallery in Rozelle, where I've heard T2 will be giving out free bevs, hopefully from Long Island.

Art on the Levee

In addition to all of this exciting news! I'm very excited for Art on the Levee which is happening on February 12 at Wagga Wagga Levee just next to the ARCC office. Hopefully there'll be some people coming through because I'll have four new paintings ready for purchase. The perspex supplier and the tiber supplier are getting the measurements I need as we speak and for now I'll be working on another project I'm engaged in currently.

In addition to four new paintings I would like to announce that there will be a Tone Destiny Album made with album artwork and everything which can be purchased on the day (or online for non Riverina types). In the tradition of everything Tone Destiny it will be a lot of utopic computer music. The album name and the cover will be announced shortly along with a sample of what to expect from this.

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