Sunday, January 30, 2011

A New Body of Work - Plus a Debut Album

Everything You Need, 2011. Ink on Acrylic Perspex. 40 x 40cm

A Long Walk, 2011. Ink on Acrylic Perspex. 40 x 40cm

Lake Albert, 2011. Ink on Acrylic Perspex. 40 x 40cm

Almost There, 2011. Ink on Acrylic Perspex. 40 x 40cm

Remembering the Arctic, 2011. Ink on Acrylic Perspex. 40 x 40cm

This series of landscapes evolved from the studies I made for my stall at Art on the Levee a few weeks ago. those older works were made from sheets of acetate and were very small. I wanted to make something similar because the depth in the image is similar to the kind of expanding depth one feels when looking at a landscape in rural parts of the world. In this body of work I focused on images that I had seen in Australia but at one point an image of rural Iceland came to me. It was of a mountain range you can spot when driving on the road to Iceland's northern capital Akureyri, which touches the arctic circle.

I decided to road test these works at the Lakeside Markets at Lake Albert in Wagga Wagga. The response was positive. A lot of people refered to the work as "clever" and "thinking outside the box". Sonya Gee came along for moral support and took a bunch of photographs for me which looked stunning. Surprisingly the work was really popular with kids walking by. It might have had something to do with the position of the works - they were on a table at a nine-year old eye level. Parents often had to stop their children from touching the work. Nevertheless it was rather popular with people who walked by. I saw an old bloke groping one of the pieces as well.

In addition to the five new paintings, I also used this market as an opportunity to launch my debut album as Tone Destiny. Titled 1+0+ this album features 14 tracks of glitchy, synthy, sometimes poppy instrumental computer music which I have dubbed to be an album of digital utopia. Its structure is inspired by the soundtracks of Tron (1982) and Tron Legacy (2010), both strikingly different electronic musical narratives but both spectacular.

Each copy is hand painted. While 15 copies have been made there will be more printed depending on demand but at this stage they are a limited edition work.

Tracks Include:

Remain Behind the Yellow Line
Fair Weather
Second Best
New Distances
Last Chance
That's What You Told Me
Dragtime Gal
Together Again
Tomorrow Usually Blows
Absent Heart
Picture This
Beam On the Horizon

I've put the final track Beam On the Horizon for a free download here. Otherwise click below. I'll be putting the CD up for sale soon as well and you can order it online for $15 plus postage.

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