Monday, May 24, 2010

A Weekend In The Life Of: Tony Curran

My weekend started with a stella group exhibition at Hardware Gallery in Enmore. Medium: Vinyl featured a hundred and thirty something artists who had all made a record from or on a vinyl record supplied by the gallery. I went with my favourite two people ever - Sonya Gee (left) and Brendan Hough (right). We had dinner at Moretti's in Leichhardt because their pasta servings are massive.
This is the work I submitted. It's called Comb Filtered. My dad asked why and I said......

We ran into another old mate of mine Lucy Parakhina who worked with me at the Australian Centre for Photography back in '09. An emerging photographer you should probably look out for. Right now she shoots for throwshapes.

The rest of the weekend was spent making zines for the inaugural Sydney Writers' Festival Zine Fair which takes place every year at The Museum of Contemporary Art since 2008. I had one zine which was ready to go but had already promised another one which I had made in only my mind, Les Acoustrements. I spent Saturday writing and printing the two zines I was to sell, Les Acoustrements and When I was 5 I had twelve Imaginary Friends.

Up until 3am - awake at 7:30am finished production by 11:30am, late to the zine fair by one hour and selling zines, recruiting ears for AuralDynamics. About half of my zines sold out and the day ended at 5, no lunch break, but devoured some serious Yaki Udon at Sakura afterwards and bouht a cherry ripe cupcake from Cupcakes On Pitt as a reward for my good behaviour. Then I had to come home to finish some concept drawings for a guy in Israel and of course finish 30 Rock Season 4.

As of yet, no photos have emerged from the zine fair featuring me and I didn't take any so I don't feel comfortable putting any others up here but there are a few on the MCA Facebook page.

If you missed the zine fair and would like to buy either of the aforementioned zines I have a few left and they are available on my website shop.

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