Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Little Piggy Wrap

DISCLAIMER: The above is an image stolen from the Rah Collective. I stole it from them because I felt like they stole my face (pictured centre) for their panorama and because my art features in the frame vaguely in some way. My action of appropriating this photograph featuring my intellectual property and person for publication in a medium that will lead me to no financial gain will be the moment in the 21st century that defines online copyright for generations to come. I suppose now that I have included a link to their website (above) this is free advertising for them.

The opening night was a sweaty can of sardines full of cheap but delicious cider. People I had lost contact with for some years made the effort to come and check it out and I enjoyed watching strange people view my art. I particularly enjoyed the anonymity of the occasion. Now as the weekend has ended so has the exhibition.

China Heights is one of those "cool" galleries I used to go to when I was into sick graphic art and graffiti - stencil - stuff, full of people who since those days continue to populate the Oxford Art Factory, Monster Children Gallery and Understandably having my work in a show there makes me feel relevant, particularly because of the context provided by the curator and coordinator, Rebecca Murphy, and all the work she and accompanying artists put into it. For a sneak peak of the work of all the other artists check out the Flickr group. For a little while the rest of the works will be for sale at the curator Rebecca Murphy's website.

Thank you to everyone who made it along and made the show the huge success that it was.

Tony Curran

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