Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have been inundated with feedback about this pole. 50% of people want to know how much I was thinking about the pricing the subscription packages and the other 50% expressed interest in receiving drawings for the Quarterly Collection. It has been my thought that I would make the drawing packages about $400, and I would have packages for prints and paintings, $100 and $1000 respectively. Keep in mind that you receive a work by courier or mail depending on your package. I was also thinking about introducing a VIP premium for bigger* works. This package would be about $2000 a year.

How I am building this project is around the subject of the few different research practices that form my art including stereo images, vivid colour pieces, small sculptural works and drawings. Through my independent art and research I will be making lots of studio works. Some will be very interesting stepping stones which I would like to make available to people in a capacity that can give people the opportunity to collect work at times when I'm not exhibiting.

For more information head to and click on the contact button, or otherwise just post a comment at the end of this blog. I'll keep polls up on this blog to survey the interests of people who are considering subscribing.

*bigger works include works that have more invested in them in terms of materials and time.

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