Thursday, January 7, 2010

Studio Update

This Little Piggy is a group exhibition coming up in February at China Heights. This work is to be included in this show and it is a work in progress. The work involves a melting down of a piggy bank which was given to me by the curator, Rebecca Murphy. I intend to present a sculpture that has melted its way into a painting. This work will serve as an example of how we construct composed visual narratives from real objects. Involved in the translation from the real and the communicative is a process of disintegration of the physical thing. This work is not intended to convey a notion of the physical piggy bank but to explore the experience of articulating.


I am of course still in pursuit of demonstrating The Yellow Line. That border between healthy sanity and and the exploration of the existenital or the subjective. The below image is a painting that is in my studio and may or may not ever leave my studio. This artifact is intrinsic into my exploration of The Yellow Line

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