Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sketching depth.

These are facial studies.

In the top image I was recording the curves and contours of the face with brushstrokes. In the image second from top I divided the spatial planes into different colour groups which don't represent the chromatic effect of the spatial depth but actually just allow me to differentiate. This technique allows me to record more spatial information than would taking a photograph. Once a photograph is taken it is immediately flattened and it any information of stereoptic depth can only be guessed. Here I can make sterepotic decisions about how to accurately shift the image. The spatial planes are categorized far to near from white (Furthest) - yellow - red - blue - violet - black (nearest).

A combination of blind drawing and contour drawing reveal the undulating imaginary lines which give the clues to the structural depth of the figure.

All of these studies are preparation for a huge stereoptic life drawing of Sonya Gee.

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