Sunday, August 9, 2009


On Wednesday 12th August Mrs Petrov's Shoe is opening at the New Theatre in Newtown for which I have been doing illustrations. The illustrations are of scenes from the scrap book of a nine year old girl in 1960s Australia. This play is great! It has won awards, my heart, a lot of my time and a lot of the artistic energy of many involved and is directed by Mackenzie Steele who I hold in high regard having now worked with him on this. Come along and I hope you enjoy it!

Week Four: 12 – 15 August

Mrs Petrov’s Shoe

by Noƫlle Janaczewska

Sydney Premiere
Anna Lubansky shoots to prominence with her first novel, the emotional narrative of a nine-year-old girl's struggle to reconcile her Australian reality with her parents' Central European heritage, set in the Cold War era of the early 1960s. Promoted as heavily autobiographical, the book garners a harvest of awards and Anna's multicultural star is shining brightly in the literary firmament—until the real fiction is uncovered, and Anna Lubansky is revealed to be the very non-European Ann Loxton.

"Mrs Petrov's Shoe is as much about cultural identity as it is about literary scandal and it is very funny." – Melbourne Stage Online, 2006

By arrangement with The Cameron Creswell Agency
Director Mackenzie Steele
Cast Will Carter, Lindsey Chapman, Sonia de Domeneghi, Will Edwards, Jeneffa Soldatic and Paul Treacy

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Adam said...

Crazy small world. Mackenzie (or Matt, as he was known back then) was the first director I ever produced for back at New South. A bit bummed about being out of town for the show.