Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nam Nguyen at The Wall

Every now and then I get a text message asking me to source artists for an upcoming show. The event is The Wall which happens at The World Bar in Sydney's Kings Cross.

"This weeks artist is NAM NGUYEN if have not already checked his stuff here is a little bit about the man himself....
Nam Nguyen is a young painter and printmaker based in the west of Sydney. Having finished his bachelor of Visual Arts (majoring in Print Media) at the University of Sydney in 2008, he is currently undertaking postgraduate design studies at UTS. Within his art practice, Nam creates hyper-colored, almost graphic artworks that are heavily influenced by his love of comic book art, band posters, skateboard graphics and alternative graphic design.

In more recent works, Nam explores the ideas of visual manipulation upon compositional structures within iconic to even sometimes ‘senseless’ imagery. In other words, he takes certain images, (visually) strips them down to a more ‘purer’ form, and adds somewhat ‘filters’ to create highly experimental works that are maybe considered as psychedelic and abstract. By using mostly acrylics and inks, it is obvious Nam visually references contemporary alternative graphic art and design, although his works also conceptually deals with other various themes such as ‘Super Flat’, portraiture and popular culture."

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 at 8:00pm


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