Saturday, February 7, 2009

Archibald Realities!!!!

On Friday 6th of January, World New Australia and Channel Seven's evening news used the above image as their headline for a story on the huge amounts of Archibald entries. The image is not the finished work but this post is a montage to complete the image. to read the article click here called their headline "Archibald Pantsdown" after the subject I painted who is most famous for his 1996 project Pauline Pantsdown, a satirical dance song with chopped up media recordings of Australian politician Pauline Hanson - famous for her xenophobic policy and famous for not knowing what xenophobic meant ("PLEASE EXPLAIN")

PAULINE PANTSDOWN AkA Simon Hunt is currently a lecturer in Sound Design at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney and has an exhaustive knowledge of good music.

Thanks Simon and hopefully I'll see you at the Archies.

Photos courtesy of Sonya Gee.

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