Thursday, October 16, 2008

Underwatery Love Open

Thanks to everyone who came along, it always makes a show when you have a load of folks there who want to drink with you. Thanks to Huff for his unreasonable request at New York Pizza which ended up scoring a whole pie (RRP $38).

At Gallery 285 I have installed a work called Death Perspective.

This installation is made up of drawings which are aimed to immerse the viewer at the scene of Death. In the context of Gallery 285's show "Underwatery Love" I used the theme to explore the nature of attraction - the kind of attraction between predator and prey.

Blue and Red Cellophane were used above an overhanging web to colour the downlights as well as to dispurse the lights' reflections similarly to the oceans surface. A sound track was also installed:

The work will be up for about a month and opening hours are from 2-6 weekdays and 12-6 weekends. Enjoy the show!

photos courtesy of Sonya Gee

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